Hey guys,

I know I've been missing for a while but running a beauty business is no joke lol. I want to talk a little about skin care.

People ask me all the time about my skin and my skin care regimen.  I am anal about my skin care regimen.  It's a way of life for me.  I go through the whole routine of cleansing, toning, applying my serum or moisturizer, eye cream....the works.  I also do a steam once per week.

Everyone knows that skincare changes with age.  From birth to puberty, the normal skin is usually radiant and all the care it needs is to cleanse with a mild soap and keep the skin moist.

Sun blocking moisturizer for exposed areas of the skin is recommended especially if you are living in a tropical climate with sunshine all year around.  I currently reside in Florida so of course I need SPF in my moisturizer.  Protection from UV rays is important at all ages.

It's Your Face Cosmetics moisturizer with SPF is my favorite go to product.

At puberty, many changes start taking place in the skin due to the onset of hormonal production. One main change is the increase of sebum (oil) production from the sebaceous glands.

Increase in sebum production means clogging of the pores for some people and the likelihood of developing acne increases.  If and when this happens, your skin care regimen should include an exfoliating agent.  I like to use It's your Face Cosmetics Papaya Enzyme Scrub because it's gentle on the skin and has all natural ingredients.

The frequency of using a scrub depends on your skin type.  If you have dry, sensitive skin. I would recommend using a scrub once per week.  For oily skin twice per week and for acne prone skin maybe 3 to 4 time per week or as suggested by a Dermatologist or skin care personnel. Please note however that I am not a Dermatologist, I am a Cosmetologist.  I like scrubbing because it invigorates the skin and encourages circulation.

I also like to use a toner because it removes excess oils and dead skin cells, evens out your skin tone and helps the skin to retain it's natural pH level.

Of course we also need to moisturize.  When we moisturize the skin, we support the skin's moisture balance, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote the look and feel of healthy skin.

Skin care is not limited to the use to topical products, but includes good nutrition, exercise and spiritual and emotional balance.  Vitamins and minerals are also essential to promoting healthy skin.  Drink lots of water and avoid smoking.  ( I always heard that smoking and the sun are two things you want to stay away from if you want good skin). 

Remember that the environment affects the skin in a significant way.  Different seasons affects the skin differently.  Oil and moisture production is increased during the summer and is decreased during the winter.  When it is hot and humid the skin feels oilier and sweating is increased.  Some people thinks that when they sweat they don't need moisturizer.  The body cools itself by sweating, it does not produce more oil so extra moisturizing may be necessary for dry skin.  In colder climates the skin dries out readily.  This weather inhibits sebum production so we need to moisturize more often.

I will conclude by saying, proper skin care is as important as caring for any other organ of the body and should be carried out in a holistic way. 

It's your Face...Respect it, Protect it, Enhance it...Love it

Sophia Thompson

Norkobe's Beauty