Natural Hair Journey

Hi Dons and Dolls.

Have you decided to start your natural hair journey and if you have, how do you intend to keep it.  

I know it's a real struggle, I can testify to that. I started my journey last year by doing the big chop and omg...I'v been tempted so many times to give in and just get a darn relaxer lol. The struggle is real but I'm still hanging in there, still going strong. Can I tell you this is my 6th time trying to go joke. I got frustrated each time and went back to the creamy crack.

I've been cutting the relaxed ends gradually until I got to my final cut.  I've convinced and converted so many of my clients and they love theirs added to the fact that I'm a hairstylist which should make it a little easier (you would think lol).

I know most of you are worried about the look, the feel of the hair, what products to use and so on but trust me when I tell you not to worry.  There are so many protective styles that you can do while growing your beautiful (yes I said beautiful) locs out. Right now I'm wearing a wig. In the eight months that I've been natural I must say that, this is the healthiest I've seen my hair in years.  I've decided that since I'm natural, I need to use all natural products. I found that the products from Norkobe's Beauty have really helped to restore my hair, especially the Hair Growth Therapy Oil. When I tell you, this oil is infused with pumpkin seed oil, argan oil and some really great natural ingredients that makes my hair look and feel great.

I'm still not used to the shortness along with the fact that it shrinks even shorter when it's wet (smh) but I'm pushing forward.

This natural hair journey is no joke especially if your hair is not what you expected it to be (nice and curly lol) after the big chop. I have what is called 4C hair (I think lol).

Ok let's get serious. Going natural is a process that takes time and patience. It's also a learning process for most of us. We have to learn how to moisturize and maintain our curls (whatever curl pattern we have). 

Let your stylist educate you on how to maintain whatever style they give you until it's time to revisit them. Ask questions and if you think you are not getting the right answers, you probably need to find a new hairstylist.  Your natural hair does not limit you. There are a lot of options out there...Crochet Braids, Box braids, Weaves, Twist and Twist me when I tell you, you surely can find something that will suit you. 

Be mindful of the fact that some of these styles can cause hair, loss especially at the hairline. Do your research on products, protective styles and natural hairstylist. I'm sure you'll find a good solution for your journey.

Natural hair is not a revolution. It's who we are. We just need to accept it.

I hope you enjoy your journey as I'm enjoying mine.  Nuff love @norkodollsunleashed

Sophia Thompson/Tricologist